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  ExcelProfessionals provides data process and analytics services to businesses in the United States. ExcelProfessionals is a new company with wide ambitions, its goal is to become a medium-sized consulting firm for a variety of the US data-driven industries. About ExcelProfessionals My name is Svet Haralampiev, and I am the founder of ExcelProfessionals. I have 12 years of experience in Insurance Pricing for Protective Life, GMAC, AAA Insurance MO, AAA Insurance Exchange, and 3 years of Retail Pricing at Sears Holdings. In my experience as an analyst, I often found that obtaining the right data is often the key to big discovery. I would like to share my vision with organizations willing to hire me as their consultant. I will meet the unique data needs of your company and help your establish processes that your own employees can manage. I will show your workforce how to auto-program Microsoft Office and achieve better efficiencies at the workplace. You can read more about the services that ExcelProfessionals offers on the "Services" page of this website. ExcelProfessionals hosts a free tech support forum for clients and the IT community. In addition, one can access a free collection of software and programming code directly from the Project Libraries. ExcelProfessionals is a privately held company, headquartered in Pittsburg, California. Contact: ExcelProfessionals Tel: 415-902-5721   Email: Pittsburg, California United States Svet Haralampiev